Alan Kohler on Save Our Super

Superannuation is compulsory, but it doesn’t take care of itself. The impact of the GFC on investment returns, combined with tax and legislative changes and an ever-increasing cost of living, means a 9% contribution over your working life is unlikely to provide you a comfortable retirement.

How your retirement turns out is up to YOU. No one else will take care of it for you – not the government, not an adviser, not your super fund manager.

That’s where Save Our Super comes in. Get up to speed by accessing information, articles and events covering all the aspects you need to consider. Get back on track by getting informed and taking control of your future.

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Make sense of super

Get up to speed on the basics

  • Wealth of information and insights on super
  • Covers legislative impacts, tax treatment and more
  • Weekly e-mail updates with links to latest articles and videos
  • Invitations to webinars covering various super themes

Find a super solution

  • A range of guides to help you navigate the super maze
  • Assess your current situation
  • Identify what you need to change
  • Take back control of your super future

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